Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I know other sports photographers that will take photos for free, why should I pay you?
A:  I understand that most everyone has a camera and many will photograph games for free.  I encourage you to take advantage of these photographers.  This service is designed for parents and athletes who want a gallery of professional images of their athlete.  Having field-access and years of experience shooting a variety of sports gives me the ability to capture the very best of your athlete.  In addition, pre-payment of services allows me to give you a much greater value by allowing you full-usage rights to everything I photograph.  
Q:  How can I ensure that I will like the images that I receive?
A:  The best way to get the photos that you are looking for is to fill out the Contact Me form and enter what types of images that you want captured.  All athletes have unique skills and abilities and there is no one better than a fan or parent who is willing to describe what they want captured in an image.  I typically look for and capture both offensive and defensive action including ball handling, blocking, catching, passing, batting, running, etc. as well as more candid sideline shots and headshots.  You can also review my website  to see samples of my work.​​​​​​​
Q:  How many photos can I expect to receive?
A:  It is impossible to guarantee a specific number of images, nor would I want to offer this as it's easy to just take or provide additional photos to fulfill this requirement.  What I look for are moments when the action moves into play of the athlete I am assigned to capture.  I will take many photos of the athlete throughout the play to ensure that I get a sequence of images that highlight the outcome of the play and any subsequent celebration or emotion exhibited by the player.  I provide the whole series of images and allow my clients to select or share the images that they most like so that I can learn what types of images my clients like most.  The number of images in a game depends largely on how long an athlete is in play or the progression of a game.  I tend to take 20 - 30% more images when the team I am covering is winning because these are the images that tend to be most appealing.  However, I also try to capture the emotions of the players when the game is going against them.  I share these in the portfolio galleries that you receive and you can delete any images that you don't like.
Q:  Do you offer refunds?
A:  If you have pre-paid for a game or event that gets cancelled or if your player is injured or cannot play for whatever reason, a refund will be issued.  However, if the event is photographed, images will be delivered and no refund will be issued.  I not only guarantee your satisfaction, but also my satisfaction with the images I deliver.  If I am not completely satisfied with what I have delivered, I will photograph another game until I can provide you with the images that I feel accurately represents the quality of my work.
Q:  What if I have additional questions and/or concerns not answered here?
A:  If you have anything at all that you would like clarification on, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or text.  My e-business card gives you access to my mobile number which I check more frequently than e-mail.  My primary interest in the photography services I offer is to give you images that you will be proud to display, share or post online. 
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