Below is a link to my order form for the MVP game action photos.  Please provide the necessary information about the athlete you want photographed.  Pre-payment is required.  Only those who have pre-paid will be photographed - I do not work on speculation of future sales.  If the price is too high, please ask about flexible pricing options.​​​​​​​
Spring Sports Dates and Schools Covered
For every game I photograph, I can take anywhere from 1,000 - 3,000 images of action plays as they unfold.  I select the best images for my VIP galleries when I am assigned a job, but I can only upload a small fraction of the great shots that I capture.  The remaining images are deleted, even though they are great images.

Why are these images deleted?  I am assigned so many jobs that even after deleting the unused images, I still go through more than 5 TB of data annually.  I would rather have these images in the hands of parents and athletes that would appreciate them more, so I am offering you the opportunity to have all of the images at a discounted price.

The images that I offer as part of the MVP Digital Image gallery are delivered at full resolution with full usage rights.  You may share these, download, print and post online.  They are delivered by email/text message after the game via a website and mobile app called PhotoMoments.  Everything I capture for you is stored in the cloud so that you can access these images anytime you have your phone with you.

These interest/sign-up links can be shared with friends and family that participate in the Spring Sports that I cover for Belvidere, Belvidere North, Guilford, Marengo and Hononegah.  By sharing and signing up through these links, you are in no way obligated to purchase anything, it just puts your name in a queue to be the first offered the discounted pricing options shown on the link above.  The orders will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis with positions being filled by those next in line if a cancelation or no-payment is received on game day.  If you have a game/sport you would like covered that is not on my list, please contact me from this page.

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