1.  If you have a game or event that you would like photographed, check the calendar below to determine my availability. 

2.  Click on the Contact Me page of this site to complete the form so that I can answer any questions you may have and add your assignment to my calendar. 

3.  Once I receive your completed form, I will respond by email to confirm the date and time of your game/event and send you the contract, price quote and invoice of the job for your review.

4.  You may take your time to review all of these documents and ask any questions you need answered prior to the date of the game/event.

5.  Please answer all questions in the questionnaire about your athlete so that I can have this information on file for my assignment and an email for the digital image gallery delivery.  

6.  Once your invoice has been paid you are all set to go.  I will arrive at the game/event early to capture photos of your athlete warming up, take photos of them on the sidelines, talking to the coach, playing, passing, catching, scoring, etc.  I will cover all of the action so that you can enjoy the game.

5.  Feel free to introduce yourself to me prior to the game.  It helps me assure you that you have chosen wisely.

6.  Enjoy the game knowing that your images will be delivered within 48-72 hours after the game.

7.  You will have full usage and resale rights to all images delivered to you provided you allow the use of the photos I have taken of your athlete on this website and in other marketing materials.

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